Friday, 30 September 2016

I am a real....Freikorpsman? German?

So, i have finished Von Schill of the Freikorps.  Any resemblance to Hulk Hogan in the sculpt is, I'm sure, coincidence on the part of the Sculptors.  Painted in the same scheme as the rest of my Freikorps.  Steel Legion Drab washed with Agrax Earthshade.  XV-88 and Seraphim Sepia.  Screaming Bell and Sepia.
An easy model to paint, and one that I think looks good enough, given that I am not planning on using him that often.  

I'm also working on the Malifaux Starter set for my FLGS for Malifaux Month, with a plan to have a display board based around an asylum.  That should be cut over the weekend, and then painted by the Manager.  Looking forward to it.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Welcome to the Korps

So, moving through the Outcast models at some pace, I have come to the Freikorps.  Only some of the Hired Guns box is actually Wave 1, and so I have Von Schill, 2 Korpsmann, a specialist and the steam trunk to paint.

The specialist.  A model that I don't know I have ever seen on the table and a really nice idea.  It is basically a real disaster to put together.  The tanks sit badly on his back, and the cabling is difficult to get to fit.  In general, I disliked building this model.  Despite that, the finished piece is not too bad.

And the Freikorpsman.  2 sculpts, and much easier to put together than the specialist.  Painted in the same scheme, these may get a little more table time with my Outcasts, at least until I get better options from the Wave 2 models.

It's also coming up to Malifaux Month for the store where I am Henchman, and I want to share with you just some of the things we have planned.
We have tournaments. Malifriend or Malifaux on the 22nd and a henchman hardcore event on the 3rd.
We have demos, with a custom built demo table in the works to show off the starter, and plenty of people to show you how it all works.
We have scenarios for people to try, everything from special Halloween-themed events through hunting trips and story encounters, including solitaire setups.
We have the divergent paths global event running in store.
We may have painting demos, with Joel Duoplys-Duguid having provisionally agreed to come and try his hand at some malifaux models.
We have a painting competition running throughout the month.
And we will have malifaux bingo, for those who want to see how good they really are.
All of this means that there is a need for a short break from the current project.  I have to get AT LEAST the starter box models painted, and the aim is to get all of the story encounters painted up as well, plus the carver.  That's a metric tonne of work, and so I may try to beg borrow or steal some of the models for the store.  I'm also looking at getting an asylum display/demo board made for the store for the starter box, and there is a chance that may be laser cut.  So all told a busy week or so ahead.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Killjoy at a Rock Concert?

So, some more models finished, some of which you may have seen WIP pictures of.  First up is the classic Bishop model.  A very different look from the modern plastic one, and while he is definitely throwing the Rock Ballad Hand that Pat Benetar (ask your mum) would be proud of, I still think it's a really characterful sculpt and I quite like the end result.

We Belong to the Night!!!!!!!

The next model that I finished as part of the Outcast push was Killjoy.  Never used him, never faced him, but I know that he has a bit of a reputation.  I've shown some WIP of him already, so straight on to the finished items.

I'm enjoying these, although one of the interesting things that I have noticed is that the von Schill box, despite him being a wave I master contains a number of models that appear in Wave 2.  While this could be annoying, it means that I have fewer models to paint to get Wave 1 finished so I am not too upset.

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Cool for Cats?

So, this is mostly about posting some work in progress images.  I am currently working my way through all of the wave 1 malifaux models.  So I have started painting the Hoarcat pride.  Mostly just now needs teeth and mouths but in general looks like something I am happy enough with.

I am also working on Killjoy.  Currently blending fat folds with skin tone.  A rather interesting prospect.  Some more work in progress photos.

Not the most exciting of blog posts, but it brings me up to date in terms of what I have been working on.

I have also played one game of the Divergent paths campaign, last week, against Kendall.  It was a really odd game, using the random deployment method saw my Viktoria's fighting his summoning Somer.  Really fun, and while I lost, he was down to a single Bayou Gremlin.  I actually managed to kill Som'er, which I am led to believe is a bit of a challenge.  My MVP moments either come when Pere walked up and delivered a message on turn one, or when I managed to Sacrifice a ronin to gain the soul stones in order to do damage prevention on the burning damage to save a Vik.  All told, a really good, fun game, as every one I play with him tends to be.  We also got to use my WIP swamp terrain, and the feedback was good, although it sounds like I need some more scatter terrain to go with it.  Any ideas gratefully received.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Friends don't let friends play Family

Ok, so I have finished painting the third of the Guild crews from wave 1, the Latigo Posse.  Perdita, Nino, Santiago, Francisco and the Enslaved Nephilim.  All relatively easy paint jobs, not award winning but good enough for the time being,  Some photo's are below.

I have also decided to start work on one of my semi-regular workspace tidy ups.  Since my workspace is for the hobby, computing, and work stuff, it needs to be neatened fairly regularly.  I am also planning on working a bit more on some bigger models/scenery pieces, and this is going to need the desk space.

So, to that end, I have included some before photos for people to judge the after against.

The homemade paint rack.  And the enormous pile of "stuff" that sits in front of it.  Including the wife's Wonder Woman mug that I need to fix. 
The PC, and more of the random stuff.  Pretty much everything on those shelves above and below the monitor needs to be moved and sorted out.

The bed.  And the rest of the room.  (and the bane of my Wife's life)  Which includes the Lightsaber, the model cases, the start of the project to put all of the Wave 1 models on magnetised trays, my Age of Sigmar army, and chunks of the WIP swamp board.
I shall hopefully see you on the other side.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Witch Hunters

So, I have decided that I have too much Malifaux stuff.  And that too much of that Malifaux stuff is unpainted.  And that I don't know what I have got.  So, in order to fix this, I have begun the great Malifaux Painting Plan (C).

The idea is, that I am going to complete Malifaux in Waves.  Starting with Wave 1, I will paint all of the models within each book, to at least a tabletop standard.  This will mean that, eventually, my goal of having everything for all Factions will be achieved, at some point in the distant past.

So I have made a list.  It is based on all of the Wave 1 Arsenal boxes (Except Gremlins.  I can't find the gremlins one, and have lent a new player my Rulebook).  I plan to work my way down it, painting everything, and magnetising the bases to stick it to trays for ease of display and movement.

To get me started, I have waded in on some of the Guild boxes I had unbuilt.  Starting with The Torch and Blade, Sonia Criid's crew box.

On the grounds of full disclosure, I really didn't enjoy some of this.  The undercoat was done badly and made painting a chore.  The eternal flame has broken several times at the ludicrous hip joints, and is now at the stage where the fix is "looks good enough" rather than "looks good".  I need to think about changing the Flames on Sonia's sword, and there are a few other bits that should probably get done.  But, overall, they are good enough for tabletop, and these were never going to be my favourite crew.  I do look forward to trying them against some Arcanists soon, though.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Swamp Thing.....You make my heart sing...

This weekend saw me run my first full, 50SS Malifaux tournament at LVL Up.  12 Players travelled from a number of local towns to play three rounds of Malifaux, and a good time was had by all.  I will post more about this, including the results, in another post.

Inspired by the Tournament, I have also finished painting the models that I needed for my Zoraida crew box.  This was slightly hampered by the fact that they are also from the "assembling everything really quickly and badly" phase, and I have lost the sprue with all of Zoraida's voodoo dolls on it.  However, I think that the crew, now finalised looks Ok.

These aren't paint-jobs that are going to set the world on fire, but they add another Master to my Neverborn.  I only have one Master left to paint for them, and that is Lucius.  Whether I paint him now, in metal, or wait until I get the plastic box set, we shall see.

In the meantime, the entire box together.