Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Lead From the Front

So, my experimenting with Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 models continues.  I have been doing some research, and have decided to try and recreate an Armoured Infantry Battalion.  For this, I am going to need 3 Infantry Squads, Leaders, 2 MMG's, a Mortar and transports for all the squads.  I intend to swap out one of the Squads for a Heavy Infantry Squad, which may mean that I decide to drop either the Mortar or one of the MMG's.

In the meantime I am testing to see if I like painting American GI uniforms.  Having test painted some Heavy Infantry, I have moved on to paint my Officer and Assistants.
Initially, my wash made the khaki too dark on tunics, so they needed reworking.  It also took e a little while to work out that the stretcher bearer was a stretcher bearer, and not, in fact, carrying a flag on a modern battlefield.  I think it was the red cross that eventually gave it away!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Send in the Heavy Infantry

So, the latest work in progress on my Heavy Infantry.  Most of the colours are now down, and I am happy with how they are progressing.

The basic armour is Castellan Green, washed with Agrax Earthshade, and then highlighted by drybrushing up with increasing amounts of Karak Stone mixed in, then finally with Nurgling green.
The skin is, as ever, Bugman's Glow, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and then layered up with Cadian Fleshtone.
Metal is done with a mix of Leadbelcher and Abaddon Black before drybrushing up.

I still have bases to paint, as well as the NCO's cigar.  Then its a case of adding the markings for rank and units.  I still need to do some research into how these should be done.

All in all, I have really enjoyed painting these.  They are a great difference from the Malifaux and Epic stuff I have painted recently, and I think that they may lead to a small (or not so small), force for Konflikt '47/Bolt Action

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Konflikt '47 US Heavy Infantry Review

So, this is the first time that I have written a review of a gaming product in this fashion.  I will state upfront that I have no interests to declare.  I bought these models, at the price I quote, from one of my FLGS.  I have no reward for doing this, and there is nothing for me to gain.

I have looked longingly at the Konflikt 47 models for a few weeks now, since I saw them at Warfare.  I've never seen them before, and so when I got home I did some research.  Seems that it is based off the Bolt Action ruleset, and shares some models with it.  The UK and US and Russian starters all appealed to me, but the price, while reasonable, is higher than I wanted to spend at the moment.

So I have decided that, since it will be models that drive me, I would go and buy a small set of the heavy infantry to see if I liked the models.  Good models are likely to make me more likely to love a system, this is why I am so addicted to Malifaux.

I bought the US Heavy Infantry for £13.50.  I had no idea what to expect, having never bought Warlord models before.  Its been a while since I worked with metal models, and so with some trepidation I set about opening the pack.

I have to say that the quality of the casting is amazing.  Barely any model lines on the parts above at all.  The arms, where they joined the sprue needed a small amount of filing down, but they were a dream compared to other models that I have assembled.

The heads are beautiful.   Characterful, and full of life, and the NCO even has a cigar.  These were slightly harder to remove from the sprue, and needed some filing to get them to fit into the neck sockets on the bodies, but they are so nice, they are worth the effort.

Assembled , the models look the part.  I don't have any other 1/56 infantry for this time period to compare to, but, I have to say that if this is the quality of the Warlord models, then I shall certainly be investing.

Final Score 9/10

Monday, 12 December 2016

Entire Company of Imperial Fists. Epic or What?

So, I never thought that I would say this, but I am getting bored with painting Malifaux models.  A block seems to have set in, and I can't bring myself to start working on the last 4 Ten Thunders models to complete the first wave.  I have flipped around between painting my Trolls, my Cygnar, even some Infinity, but then I realised that what I really needed was a new project that was significantly different from my current ones, and that I could finish and complete.  And so, I dug out my Epic Marines.  These have been sat in my to do pile for several years, and I realised that they met my requirements.  And so I took them from this.

To this.

I finished 2 Landraiders, 4 Rhinos, a Whirlwind, 3 Hunters, and added 5 Landspeeders.

I'm going to call this a success, a project that was easy to complete, and has hopefully helped to break some of the painting block.