Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sword Knights

Just finished the sword knights.  Unfortunately, not been able to get their officer and standard bearer yet, so its just the bare (max size) unit with no attachments.  Still, pretty, and completed within 3 days of starting, which is a bit of a record for one of my Warmachine units.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Terrain board and Malifaux Game

Working on the Malifaux board over the last few days.  Buildings were kindly painted by the YL, and a rather good job done on them too.  Firstly, some photos of it in progress

Foot of Mork (or Gork) (or Lisa?)
This was the final layout test before sand and paint were added to the board itself.  Its still in progress, with some more detailing and painting to do, but it was used tonight for the first time, for a game of Victorias vs. Somer Teeth.  Long story short, I lost both Vistorias in single activations, before I got chance to heal them, gave away the points for Vendetta, and left it too late to try and actually win the game.  The lesson, read the scenarios better.  Only things left at the end were 3 Ronin (who had bacon for dinner having wiped out the Sow and 2 piglets between them) and Somer himself.  A 6th turn would probably have earned me the draw, but sadly, it was not to be.....  Still, a really good fun game against a really good fun opponent.

Photos time
Game setup, with the board sanded and the painting on the areas around the buildings finished.

The view from the other side.

The Ronin and Vanessa face down Lenny, in a view down one of the streets.

Trench Section

Having started building the Trenchers for my Cygnar army, I realised that I was missing 1 thing.  Trench templates.  So, I finally got round to starting work on them.  MDF bases, with air drying clay banks as a base.  Of note, I made 20" of these in 1 hit, and found that the clay, in drying, shrunk by about an inch.  Something I need to be wary of in future.  Having, made and finished the prototype, I still need to turn out at least another 3-4 of these, but that should be relatively quick work.  Painting the trenchers is still a little way down the list, (damn those shinier things) and so there are Long gunners in there for the time being instead.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Work In Progress - Malifaux Board.....

Well, I (and by I, I mean the YL, Lisa) have painted all the buildings for the Malifaux board now.  Laid them out last night to mark positions and such like prior to starting work on the board itself.  And I just couldn't resist taking some photos.....
Foot of Gork (Lisa)?

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Another game of Malifaux, this time using the following crew

Victoria of Ashes
Victoria of Blood
Student of Conflict
3x Ronin

Richard was using Lucius, and had, I think

Black blood Shaman
3x Terror Tot
2x Guild Rifleman
Guild Austringer

Early game, I got hit hard, with Nekima wiping out Johan before he had done anything worthwhile.
Nekima was killed by a combination of henchman Victoria and a Ronin in turn.
Master Victoria got fast, and then thrown at Lucius, where she sat, and did horrendous things to him, a Rifleman, and the Blackblood, eventually dying to a curse from the shaman.
After that, it turned round, with his models falling rapidly, and mine too. Bit of a blood bath, but at the end of turn 5, it was 8/8, with him down to a Austringer and Rifleman with a total of 3 wounds left between them.  We flipped for another turn, which would have given me the win we were both sure, but it was not to be......

Lessons learned.

Victoria is a monster when tooled up with Fast
Ronin are awesome.
Vanessa on the centreline is deadly
Nekima is very very hard
Lucius probably had more tricks he could pull if he hadn't been trapped in melee with a Victoria bomb so early.

A good fun game, and a draw, which is probably a fair result.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Stormsmith Storm Tower

Just finished the first storm tower to go with my storm smiths.

I can't help but think that the stormsmith with the conducting rod's face just looks kinda goofy.  Dunno why though.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Malifaux Game

Played Matt at Malifaux this evening.  Pandora vs Ortega's.

Strategy was stake a claim, with me taking assasinate and bodyguard (Candy) and Matt taking assasinate and entourage.

My List

Baby Kade
3 Sorrows

Board and Positions after deployment
Lessons learned.

1. Teddy dies to Taelor.  Hard
2. Sorrows need to surround Pandora.  Misery stacks, and is a truly unpleasant experience.
3. Candy using Sweets and Sours means Candy is in the thick of things.  This reduces her survivabilty.
4. Pandora, using a combination of her 0 cost ability, and her ability to make stuff beat itself up, along with Misery, can deal out an awful lot of damage.  Potentially, combining this with Sorrows near her could be even more deadly.
5. A combination of an Ortega using spotter and Pandora causing damage on interact actions makes taking objective markers and scheme markers bloody hard.
6. Companion is annoying.
7. So is a run of high cards for you, matched with low cards for your opponent (Sorry Matt).
8.  Nicely painted scenary can make a game much more atmospheric (Thanks Lisa for the painting duties, it looked fantastic) - Picture will follow.

All in all a good, hard, fun game, which I lost 7-2 having been tabled in turn 4.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Just finished these today, the work of an afternoon.  Not the best lit of pictures, but they cover the basics of them quite nicely.  3 of them in total, potentially for a Haley theme list (coming to a table soon)

Project List

OK,I have decided to produce a list of all of the projects, or potential projects I have on the go so I can keep track of what I am doing.
Storm Strider - Built
Storm infantry and jacks - Undercoated
Stormsmiths and support - Undercoated
Trenches and jacks - Undercoated
Victories - Part Painted
Dreamer crew - Undercoated
Lilith crew - In Box
Yan Lo crew - In Box
Mei Feng crew - In Box
Molly crew - In Box
Ressurectionist crew expansions - Various States
University of transmortis - In Box
Trench templates - Stuff Bought
Warmachine basing - Yeah, Right
Malifaux basing - Yeah, Right
Malifaux buildings - Mostly done, mostly done by the YL
Malifaux board - Planning stage, and 3d model in progress
Infinity models - Boxed, nowhere near to being started.