Thursday, 12 June 2014

Terrain board and Malifaux Game

Working on the Malifaux board over the last few days.  Buildings were kindly painted by the YL, and a rather good job done on them too.  Firstly, some photos of it in progress

Foot of Mork (or Gork) (or Lisa?)
This was the final layout test before sand and paint were added to the board itself.  Its still in progress, with some more detailing and painting to do, but it was used tonight for the first time, for a game of Victorias vs. Somer Teeth.  Long story short, I lost both Vistorias in single activations, before I got chance to heal them, gave away the points for Vendetta, and left it too late to try and actually win the game.  The lesson, read the scenarios better.  Only things left at the end were 3 Ronin (who had bacon for dinner having wiped out the Sow and 2 piglets between them) and Somer himself.  A 6th turn would probably have earned me the draw, but sadly, it was not to be.....  Still, a really good fun game against a really good fun opponent.

Photos time
Game setup, with the board sanded and the painting on the areas around the buildings finished.

The view from the other side.

The Ronin and Vanessa face down Lenny, in a view down one of the streets.

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