Sunday, 5 March 2017

Keeping the Peace

So I have finished painting the last of my Constructs for my Hoffman crew.  To that end, I present to you, the Peacekeeper.
Simple paint job, with a very limited pallete, but I think it looks good.

Looking forward to trying him out with my new Guild Crew

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sign on for the Guild

So, i have done it, and I have started playing a new faction (As opposed to hoarding said faction for when I get round to it).  I already had Sonnia, Lady J, and Perdita painted along with their crew boxes, but I was determined to diversify, since that plus the Governor's Proxy does not a good guild selection make.
So, with some trepidation, I dug out the C.Hoffman box, along with the box of Wardens I got with him, and started building and painting.

The man himself.  Simple paint job, but I think it looks OK.  I messed up the attaching of his legs to the frame rather badly, but it hides fairly well from tabletop distances, and I'm not going to tear him apart to start again.  I do have the old metal model that may get recruited as an alternative if it really bugs me.

His totem, the mechanical assistant.  VERY simple paint scheme here of Silver/wash/drybrush/done.  Looks ok on the table, and gets me a force painted very quickly (The main goal)

Guardian.  Simple job again

Hunters.  Harpoons were broken before they even got off the sprue.  Reattached about 4 times now.  I don't hold out hope of them lasting. Also, random tubes hanging underneath were left off on the grounds of WTF why?

Watcher.  Without silly difficult to attach and unlikely to survive aerial.

And finally the Wardens.  So thats all of the mechanical Guild folks I have, painted up and ready for me to start trying to learn to actually use them.

I'm back.