Friday, 22 February 2013

Epic Terrain

Well, project Epic continues.  As well as painting some of the huge pile of 6mm orks I have laying around, I moved on to making some terrain as well, with the ultimate intention of having something to play over as well.  So without further ado, some pictures. (Apologies for the poor quality, taken with a camera phone images)

First is an Ork Encampment.  Built mainly because I could.  2 small buildings, and the watchtower/crane thing can fit orky artillery pieces on them should they need to.  Not sure about the static grass on this.

This started with me builidng a tower of variously sized slottabases and then cutting them in half.  I wasn't suer how they were going to be painted until I actually did them.  the choice was either power generator type things (which won, cause I wanted to try the whole blending thing again), and hangers/barracks.  I think the right choice was made.

Finally, some of the bases of ruins that came with an e-bay lot that I won.  Three different colour schemes, 4 pieces each.  Not sure whether to leave these free standing as they are, or add some bases and make them into ruined buildings.

As ever, comments and criticism, suggestions encouraged.  Particularly in the area of other pieces that I could build without investing too much time or effort.