Wednesday, 30 November 2016

You're my Serpent, of the morning, Serpent

Or at least, you are my Dawn Serpent.  This is one of those models that has been sat in my pile of unopened boxes for months.  As part of my Malifaux completion project, it came up as the next model for my Ten Thunders, and I decided to work a little more on the scales than I have been for these tabletop models.  I then found that the combination of the shape of the model, my camera, and my painting made getting good photos difficult.  Nevertheless, I have tried.  So, some step by steps of my Dawn Serpent.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Is it Thor where I hit it?

Ok, so I have made a few decisions.  Chief amongst them was to ensure that all of my dual faction bases were done so that the left side was the faction that they appear in in the book, the right was the other faction.  This has meant that some of my models that were previously finished need rebasing.  I have also finished painting some more models.

First up, Misaki.  I played her in a game the day I finished her.  I was using her to demo against Mei-Feing.  I completely failed to realise just how killy she was until she crossed the entire board turn 1 to kill Kang.  Died shortly afterwards, but turns out she really is as mobile as people say.

I also finished painting Ototo, who has been sat on the shelf for a long time.  I experimented on using thinned Waystone Green over Black for the hair.  The effect is....interesting I think, and I want to see it matt varnished before i make up my mind.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dead Kennedy's (Necro Punks?)

So, I have finished the painting stage of the first two Necropunks.  With these, I can say that I have completed all of the Wave 1 resurrectionist models, and therefore have achieved 2 (of 28) steps towards having every model in Malifaux available to field.  These were another quick and dirty job, making use of Typhus Corrosion and Blood for the Blood God to give quick and easy effects.  There is, as I am sure people are aware, a third Necropunk model.  Its currently sat on the side, awaiting for the third time I reattach the arms springing from its back.  Therefore, it is not yet painted, and may be delayed.

Without further delay the photos,

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Odds and ends

So, several bits to cover in this, rather scattered post.
Firstly, the wave 1 Outcasts.  All of them, finished, as I have mentioned, and posted elsewhere.

A mix of models, mostly the newer plastics, but some of them (notably Hans, Johan, and Bishop) are the older metal models.

I've actually played two full games of Malifaux recently.  Not as a ringer at a tournament that I am running.  Not as a demo or teaching game for a beginner, but an honest to goodness full on game.  The first was against Johnathon.  My Viktoria's vs his Collete.  Good fun game, really close, and I ended up losing a close game against an opponent who is a really good sport, and hwo I have not had the opportunity to play enough recently.  Next up, I played a game of Malifaux on Saturday against Andrew.  Outcasts vs Outcasts, with my Viktoria's taking on Jack Daw.  A good fun, close game, finishing 6-5, after 6 turns, and with it very clear that with a further turn I would have lost.  Doesn't matter.  All I really cared about at the time was getting a fun time in, given that I have had some bad stuff going on in the non gaming world.  Turns out, as expected, Andrew gave me exactly that.  Thanks very much to both of them.

Finally, I finished up a few bits of models.  Touch ups, and bases, and now I can say that I am three models closer to finishing my Ressurectionists.  Just the necropunks and Crooked Men to go, and they are undercoated awaiting the brush tomorrow.