Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kirai - First Game

Played my first game with the Kirai crew, including Avatar Beta rules, versus a S'omer Teeth gremlin crew.  Predictably, got smashed, learning, once again, that I need to do a better job of playing to the scenario rather than just for bloodshed and glory.

Some pictures of my complete Kirai themed collection.
Thoughts and ideas welcome

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Random Stuff

Just some pictures of some random stuff I have been painting recently.

Starting with Seamus.  Who is part of my "Lisa, pick a crew for me to paint.  Oh, you want Zombie Hookers" project.  Inspiration taken from leprechauns, but hopefully, it looks Ok.  Or at least, as OK as an insane, sociopathic Zombie razing Milliner with a Jack the Ripper twist can look.

Seamus, (I just noticed I need to paint his pocket watch.  Oh Well!)
I've also been working on some Albino sorcerors for my Trollbloods.  I think that I have achieved the look I wanted for their skin.  Also, reduced down the Tartan I used on the Dire Troll for Marduk.  Its based on the one in the trollbloods book, and I think it works OK.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Projects Currently Underway

Just a quick, for me, list of all of the part finished projects that I have going on at the moment, mainly as an inspiration to finish some of the bloody things.

1. Dreamer Crew - Malifaux
        Bases to be painted
        Avatar to Finish

2. Troll Bloods Force
        Troll Bouncer - To Finish Painting
        Dire Troll Bomber - Undercoated Only
        Krielstone Bearer and Scribes - Undercoated Only
        Trollkin Sorceror - Not even Assembled
        Trollkin Fellblades - Not even assembled

3.  Seamus Crew- Malifaux
        Madame Sybill - Part Painted
        Copycat Killer
        Rotten Belle
        Rotten Belle
        Rotten Belle

4.  Cygnar
        Trencher Gun Crews - Undercoated
        Ironclad - Base coated
        Charger - Base coated
        Charger - Base coated
        Hunter - Base coated

5. Dropzone Commander Shiltari tribes
        2 MBT's
        3 AA tanks
        2 Flying Gates
        2 Land Gates - Part Painted