Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Where I am

Well, its time to have a little update on where I am in my painting and modelling.
Currently, the projects that are active.

Iyanden Eldar Army
  This is my first project, made, at least in part, from eldar models I had lying around.  I have no idea WHY I decided to paint a yellow army, since yellow is a total bitch to paint.  Except that, I love the idea of undead space elves.  Currently, I have completed a guardian squad, spiritseer, Vyper, Wraithlord, and the first squad of wraithguard.  Pictures below, although, as usual, my camera is my phone, and the lighting and quality will suck.

  Amazing game.  Even more amazing models.  I have three starter sets painted and table ready, with plans for a few additions at some point.  I LOVE these models.  They really are amazing.  No photos of these as they are beautiful, and the camera won't do them justice.  As an aside, I want all of the artwork from the rulebook on my walls.


  This is all getting repainted.  That makes 3 heavys, 8 lights, 17 infantry to paint.  I think it is going to be worth it though, to get all of the blues the same.  Another good game, and one that I need to play more of.