Thursday, 20 February 2014

More Malifaux - Neverborn Crew

Pictures of my Pandora crew.  Includes most of the Woes and Lost.
Baby Kade





Poltergeist, Insidious Madness, Primordial Magic


Malifaux - Lynch Crew

Well, I have now finished the last few models for my Jakob Lynch crew.  They have been painted over a period of months, and I think that I have included all of the models that are thematically appropriate.  If I have missed any, then it would be lovely to know.
I am now considering how to make some themed objective markers for them.  I am thinking, perhaps some to scale playing cards?

Anyway, some images
Jakob Lynch
The Hungering Darkness

Mr Graves and Mr Tannen


The Depleted
As usual, I would love to hear any comments that people might have.

Monday, 17 February 2014

More Warmachine

I played 2 mnore games of Warmachine tonight against Khador led by the butcher this time.
I lost.  Twice.
In the first game, I was completely thrown by an almost line of terrain across the middle of the board, with only 2 gaps in it.  Despite trying to use cover, I completely underestimated how much damage the Khador Winter Guard can throw out in shooting in a tooled up unit, and lost a load of models to them, costing me the game.
In game 2, with a slightly tweaked list, against the same list from my opponent, this time led by Sorscha, I lost to a perfectly executed, and completely new to me Sorscha assasination.

Nemo - Tin foil armour
Stormclad - Get 5 focus on this guy with Nemo, get the charge, and he can carve through even khador heavies like a hot knife through butter.
Thunderhead - 5 focus, and then blast away with shock coils, or smash up something with his fists in Melee.  Also can finish a Khador heavy in a turn.  Electro pulse murders infantry, but can only be used once a turn, and stops his other attacks.
Storm blades - Need to get closer, quicker.  I need to find a way to make this happen, or to protect them while they get into battle, or they just die.

Winter Guard -With full UA, and with whoever the solo is that gives them boosted attack rolls, they absolutely wreck anything they focus on, and I currently have no answer to them.  I need to work on this.

So fun games, against a great opponent (Fran), but taught me that I need some way of dealing with infantry with DEF boosts.

This year so far, Won 0, Lost 4

Monday, 3 February 2014

Warmachine Prorgess

Well, I have made some progress on my warmachine force.  My Stormblades with officer

And my Stormclad

The photos are unfortunately poor due to the use of my phone camera.  The Stormclad in particular was a disaster to paint, as I kept dropping it.  It has currently got some paint chips, simply because I decided that life was too short to fix them yet again.

In terms of colours

Blue - Macragge Blue/Asurman Blue/Macragge Blue/Caledor Sky
White - Screaming Skull/Screaming Skull+Ceramite White/Ceramite White
Red Metal - Hashut Copper/Ogryn Flesh
Steel - Leadbelcher higlighted up
Coils - Ice Blue/Asurman Blue
Red - Khorne Red/Devlan Mud

The Stormblades were awful models, with loads of mold lines and the like.  Since I had the crazy idea of trying to paint 25 points in a weekend, they weren't cleaned up properly, and I think it is really obvious up close.  They are, however, good enough at typical tabletop distances, and I didn't have the will to clean then again and then re-undercoat.