Monday, 17 February 2014

More Warmachine

I played 2 mnore games of Warmachine tonight against Khador led by the butcher this time.
I lost.  Twice.
In the first game, I was completely thrown by an almost line of terrain across the middle of the board, with only 2 gaps in it.  Despite trying to use cover, I completely underestimated how much damage the Khador Winter Guard can throw out in shooting in a tooled up unit, and lost a load of models to them, costing me the game.
In game 2, with a slightly tweaked list, against the same list from my opponent, this time led by Sorscha, I lost to a perfectly executed, and completely new to me Sorscha assasination.

Nemo - Tin foil armour
Stormclad - Get 5 focus on this guy with Nemo, get the charge, and he can carve through even khador heavies like a hot knife through butter.
Thunderhead - 5 focus, and then blast away with shock coils, or smash up something with his fists in Melee.  Also can finish a Khador heavy in a turn.  Electro pulse murders infantry, but can only be used once a turn, and stops his other attacks.
Storm blades - Need to get closer, quicker.  I need to find a way to make this happen, or to protect them while they get into battle, or they just die.

Winter Guard -With full UA, and with whoever the solo is that gives them boosted attack rolls, they absolutely wreck anything they focus on, and I currently have no answer to them.  I need to work on this.

So fun games, against a great opponent (Fran), but taught me that I need some way of dealing with infantry with DEF boosts.

This year so far, Won 0, Lost 4

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