Sunday, 24 April 2016

Painting Frenzy

So, there has been a seeming frenzy of painting Malifaux models over the last few days.  It started with the frantic assembly and undercoating of the Nicodem set plus flesh Construct that I am building for the FLGS's Manager, Karl.  Built them on Monday, and undercoated them.  Its now Saturday, and I have finished the Punk Zombies.  The models are currently unbased, because I don't know whether Karl wants them done or not.

As ever, comments and criticisms welcome.  I have made good use of the Blood for the Blood God technical paint over the top of the appropriate colours, and I think that the skin looks better and more rotted in person than in the photographs.  I have also made some progress on the Flesh Construct to go with them.

The construct has basically been painted in exactly the same way as the smaller zombies, and now I need to paint the tank and tubing on his back, plus the "victim" in his hands.

The final models that have been worked on in the last week are the piglets.  I have been working on collecting the models I need for a Pig crew, and so far, have got all of the piglets built, including the one off the Pigapult.  These have some WIP pictures, and the simplest three are finished.

Undercoated in Bugmans Glow

Drybrushed Cadian Fleshtone and Washed Reikland Flesh

Finished Piglets.
The piglets bases, which I intend to use across the Gremlins are initially done with Lustrian Undergrowth, washed with Agrax Earthshade and Drybrushed with Underhive Ash.  The Water parts are then painted Castellan Green, with gloss Varnish, and then the rims are painted in Death World Forest.

Comments and criticisms of all of these are most welcome.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Death Marshalls

So, having had them sat on my desk for some time, I have finally manned up and finished my Death Marshalls.  Although, when I say finished, obviously what I mean is finished except for the object source lighting.  But that is another thing.  They are good enough for government work, or at least, to get on the table, which I am sure will make Scott (The FNG that I am teaching the game to) very happy, since he is itching to try them out on the table.
As ever, thoughts and comments on these are more than welcome.

 The next project is likely to be the Nicodem box for Malifaux, since I am supposed to be painting this for the manager of my FLGS, LVL Up.

    In gaming news, I managed to get my League game in against Kendall last Monday.  This was very close, until he left his Ulix exposed, allowing me to steal the sneaky win.  It was another really good, fun game against a really fun player who takes the game in the spirit it is meant to be played in.  I have to say that, after having played against both a Kirai summoning crew and an Ulix pig summoning crew, I am starting to wonder how balanced summoning is in these smaller games, but I can only assume that the points that are sunk in to it to make the engine work balance it out.  Nevertheless, it was a fun game, in which I killed the same (summoned) War Pig on two seperate occasions, Old Major at one point took one look at an illuminated an point blank refused to moved, the Lucky Effigy was charged by a pig before being killed by black blood (triggered by the pig that was charging the effigy), and Kendall managed to get the lucky effigy to hit with its Severe damage.

A really good, fun week.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Drunken Chompy Bits

Game with Matt on Monday.  Played a 50SS game of Malifaux, my (never used) Dreamer crew versus his (never used) Brewmaster.  Despite both crews being new, and neither of us having used them before, it was a fun game.  I took Vendetta (Lelu on the Whiskey Golem) and Bodyguard (Teddy), with Reckoning as our Strategy.
My crew was

Dreamer/Lord Chompy Bits with Restless Dreams
Stitched Together x2
Alp x3

The game was great fun.  I won 7-1 but that doesn't begin to describe the amusement of this.  All sorts of the silly wacky moments that Malifaux is great for.  From Lord Chompy Bits being summoned, trashing the Whiskey Golem before Lelu was even anywhere near it to score vendetta, and then being hit by a Brewmaster attack that paralysed him (And we spent a good while laughing at the idea of a Drunken Chompy), to Apprentice Wesley's(I think, it may have been fingers) impotent flailing at the Alps sent to kill him, it was a wacky, and fun game.  Its been a while since I enjoyed a game so much, and Matt should be congratulated.

Following the game, we had a long chat about the things that Matt wants to put into the Local Store.  It sounds like he is the perfect person to run my local store, with a focus on the fun in gaming, on hobby, and on enjoyment over tournaments.  All in all, a really rather excellent night.

Some pictures of the Melee that developed in the middle follow, but they were quick unplanned snaps from my phone camera.

So, why is Chompy going "Hic" and swaying slightly?  Paralysed, or Paralytic?

I fear the green dice of Marking Poison on my models. 
Maybe if we sneak up on the Teddy while its busy looking down that alley.....

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weighed in the Balance

So, today I have finished the next model from my Guild's Justice box set, the Scales of Justice.

He was a model that I knew I wanted to try OSL (Object source lighting on).  All the advice that I have received amounts to "paint the model really well first", and so, while I may not have achieved really well, it was one of my better paint jobs.  The only really notable effect tah I used was the skin, which I wanted to look unhealthy and pale.  To that end, it was painted with Zamesi Desert, and then washed with Reikland Fleshtone before drybrushing with Eldar Flesh.  I thin that the effect works, and it looks a bit more grey and unhealthy than my usual skin efforts.

The green flames are made by successive drybrushes of Warpstone Glow and then Claiban Green over a Moot Green basecoat.  The attempt at OSL was then doe by trying to work out where the three light sources would cast their light, and then painting them with Waywatcher Green Glaze.  I think the effect is subtle and works reasonably well for a first attempt.

The rest of today has been spent building Pigs for a Gremlin crew.  Photos to follow.

So, without further delay, the pictures.  Comments and criticism more than welcome.