Sunday, 24 April 2016

Painting Frenzy

So, there has been a seeming frenzy of painting Malifaux models over the last few days.  It started with the frantic assembly and undercoating of the Nicodem set plus flesh Construct that I am building for the FLGS's Manager, Karl.  Built them on Monday, and undercoated them.  Its now Saturday, and I have finished the Punk Zombies.  The models are currently unbased, because I don't know whether Karl wants them done or not.

As ever, comments and criticisms welcome.  I have made good use of the Blood for the Blood God technical paint over the top of the appropriate colours, and I think that the skin looks better and more rotted in person than in the photographs.  I have also made some progress on the Flesh Construct to go with them.

The construct has basically been painted in exactly the same way as the smaller zombies, and now I need to paint the tank and tubing on his back, plus the "victim" in his hands.

The final models that have been worked on in the last week are the piglets.  I have been working on collecting the models I need for a Pig crew, and so far, have got all of the piglets built, including the one off the Pigapult.  These have some WIP pictures, and the simplest three are finished.

Undercoated in Bugmans Glow

Drybrushed Cadian Fleshtone and Washed Reikland Flesh

Finished Piglets.
The piglets bases, which I intend to use across the Gremlins are initially done with Lustrian Undergrowth, washed with Agrax Earthshade and Drybrushed with Underhive Ash.  The Water parts are then painted Castellan Green, with gloss Varnish, and then the rims are painted in Death World Forest.

Comments and criticisms of all of these are most welcome.

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