Sunday, 17 April 2016

Death Marshalls

So, having had them sat on my desk for some time, I have finally manned up and finished my Death Marshalls.  Although, when I say finished, obviously what I mean is finished except for the object source lighting.  But that is another thing.  They are good enough for government work, or at least, to get on the table, which I am sure will make Scott (The FNG that I am teaching the game to) very happy, since he is itching to try them out on the table.
As ever, thoughts and comments on these are more than welcome.

 The next project is likely to be the Nicodem box for Malifaux, since I am supposed to be painting this for the manager of my FLGS, LVL Up.

    In gaming news, I managed to get my League game in against Kendall last Monday.  This was very close, until he left his Ulix exposed, allowing me to steal the sneaky win.  It was another really good, fun game against a really fun player who takes the game in the spirit it is meant to be played in.  I have to say that, after having played against both a Kirai summoning crew and an Ulix pig summoning crew, I am starting to wonder how balanced summoning is in these smaller games, but I can only assume that the points that are sunk in to it to make the engine work balance it out.  Nevertheless, it was a fun game, in which I killed the same (summoned) War Pig on two seperate occasions, Old Major at one point took one look at an illuminated an point blank refused to moved, the Lucky Effigy was charged by a pig before being killed by black blood (triggered by the pig that was charging the effigy), and Kendall managed to get the lucky effigy to hit with its Severe damage.

A really good, fun week.

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  1. Always so very pleased to see the work you put into your painting and the results. Fab as always.