Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Drunken Chompy Bits

Game with Matt on Monday.  Played a 50SS game of Malifaux, my (never used) Dreamer crew versus his (never used) Brewmaster.  Despite both crews being new, and neither of us having used them before, it was a fun game.  I took Vendetta (Lelu on the Whiskey Golem) and Bodyguard (Teddy), with Reckoning as our Strategy.
My crew was

Dreamer/Lord Chompy Bits with Restless Dreams
Stitched Together x2
Alp x3

The game was great fun.  I won 7-1 but that doesn't begin to describe the amusement of this.  All sorts of the silly wacky moments that Malifaux is great for.  From Lord Chompy Bits being summoned, trashing the Whiskey Golem before Lelu was even anywhere near it to score vendetta, and then being hit by a Brewmaster attack that paralysed him (And we spent a good while laughing at the idea of a Drunken Chompy), to Apprentice Wesley's(I think, it may have been fingers) impotent flailing at the Alps sent to kill him, it was a wacky, and fun game.  Its been a while since I enjoyed a game so much, and Matt should be congratulated.

Following the game, we had a long chat about the things that Matt wants to put into the Local Store.  It sounds like he is the perfect person to run my local store, with a focus on the fun in gaming, on hobby, and on enjoyment over tournaments.  All in all, a really rather excellent night.

Some pictures of the Melee that developed in the middle follow, but they were quick unplanned snaps from my phone camera.

So, why is Chompy going "Hic" and swaying slightly?  Paralysed, or Paralytic?

I fear the green dice of Marking Poison on my models. 
Maybe if we sneak up on the Teddy while its busy looking down that alley.....

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