Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weighed in the Balance

So, today I have finished the next model from my Guild's Justice box set, the Scales of Justice.

He was a model that I knew I wanted to try OSL (Object source lighting on).  All the advice that I have received amounts to "paint the model really well first", and so, while I may not have achieved really well, it was one of my better paint jobs.  The only really notable effect tah I used was the skin, which I wanted to look unhealthy and pale.  To that end, it was painted with Zamesi Desert, and then washed with Reikland Fleshtone before drybrushing with Eldar Flesh.  I thin that the effect works, and it looks a bit more grey and unhealthy than my usual skin efforts.

The green flames are made by successive drybrushes of Warpstone Glow and then Claiban Green over a Moot Green basecoat.  The attempt at OSL was then doe by trying to work out where the three light sources would cast their light, and then painting them with Waywatcher Green Glaze.  I think the effect is subtle and works reasonably well for a first attempt.

The rest of today has been spent building Pigs for a Gremlin crew.  Photos to follow.

So, without further delay, the pictures.  Comments and criticism more than welcome.

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