Monday, 28 March 2016

The Guild's Justice

So, I have been playing more Malifaux recently.  The local store LVL Up is currently running a Malifaux slow grow league, and that, coupled with a number of new players has led to my interest being revived.  We Are now 2 rounds in, and having completed games at 30SS (versus a Jack Daw led crew piloted by our local Henchman, where I drew 9-9) and 35SS (versus James, who piloted his Kirai crew and beat me 8-6), I am looking forward to leading the Neverborn in the form of Jakob Lynch into the heady heights of 40SS.  As always happens, the games have all had their rather cinematic moments, including Mr Graves beating Izamu to death with his fencepost, only to be killed by a final strike from Izamu, and The Hungering Darkness floating away down a board edge to do nothing but drop scheme markers in the opponents deployment zone for VP's.

As well as this, one of the gentleman who works with me has found a kindred spirit, and has come along to get back into gaming after a break of some years.  His enthusiasm for all things toy soldier has peaked with Lady Justice and the Death Marshalls, and since I had the set in a box sitting under the bed, I have decided to dig them out and paint them so he can try them out.  So far, I give you Lady Justice and the Judge.

Since part of this is to remind me how I painted them I should note that the following colours were used to start various elements.

Base - Agrellan Earth over black with a Agrax earthshade wash and Terminatus stone drybrush.  Khorne red edging
Coats - Mounrfang Brown, highlighted with a mix of that and Karak Stone
Trousers - Zamesi Desert
Facecloth - Karak Stone

Comments as always welcome.

Sunday, 27 March 2016


I have decided that the Harlequin project has become the Eldar and Harlequin project.  Way back when I was still in school, over 20 years ago, I was leant a copy of the original Eldar army list, along with the first harlequin army list.  Having both of them, I immediately wanted an Eldar army, and never managed to achieve that.  I have had several false starts in the past, but never managed to have a playable Eldar army.
Whilst looking for models for the harlequin force online, I managed to pick up a few cheap units of Eldar.  This included the Striking Scorpion box (in exchange for some commision painting).  They were this months ATONLG unit, and I will score them as such another time.  However, for now, some photos of the completed Scorpions.