Sunday, 28 December 2014

Batman Miniatures

Currently stuck in a bit of a painting rut.  Not enjoying painting the Seamus crew for malifaux anywhere near as much as I expected, and so it had stalled.  So I attempted to paint something completely different with a view to breaking the rut.

Hence, I give you, Poison ivy

Awful photo, she looks better than this in real life, but I haven't managed to work out how to make the new phone camera play nicely yet.

Now to see whether we have managed to break the painting block.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

InfinityThe League Games

Looks, Legs, AND Armour 5!!!
Well, thursday was week 2 of Lvl Up's infinity escalation league. Usually, I turn out lists off the top of my head and run with it, but given the drubbing that I had gotten the week before, plus some bad choices in a league where we had to keep 75% of the models the same at each change, I was left with quiet a lot of problems.  I really wish that I had started with a list that included a hacker, and fewer Netrods.  My alternative draft of a list replaces the Asura with a team of Post Humans, but I was asked to leave them at home due to their unique rules which would be difficult to explain to people who had only had 4-5 games (including me in that group)

Nevertheless, after much thinking, discussion and trial runs, I came up with..


 GROUP 1 (Regular: 6/Irregular: 0):

 ASURA Lieutenant MULTI Rifle, Nanopulser / Pistol, AP CCW. (73)
 DEVA (G: Synchronized) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser+Devabot / Pistol, Knife. (27)
 DEVABOT Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. 
 DEVA (G: Synchronized) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser+Devabot / Pistol, Knife. (27)
 DEVABOT Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse. 
 THORAKITES Submachine gun, Chain Rifle, Flash Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (13)
 NETROD Electric Pulse. (4)
 NETROD Electric Pulse. (4)

 0 SWC | 148 Points

This gave me a (very) heavy hitter, and the 2 Deva/Devabot combos that allowed me to increase the number of models that I actually got to field, without breaking the 7 order limit.

Cheap, and caused a Koala to try to hug it.  Robot Love?
I played against a nomad force led by Sinn.  It was a really very good game.  Fun opponent, and the nice thing about the bottom tables is that it is a very friendly place to be.

The Girls (Deva's)

Upshot was, I used a Devabot to trigger his Krazy K, and then was able to get my Asura Lt. into a central, elevated position where she proceeded to dominate, proving that armour plus cover makes her extremely hard to shift.  Literally everything that hit her bounced, including heavy machine gun fire and a flamethrower.  I am told that the first model to peek round and try to take a pop at her was Sinns Lt, and that he realised after it narrowly avoided getting shot that it was his Lt, and so dodged it back round out of LOF.  I ended the game 6-1 ahead, which was enough to move me to 9th in the league so I am told.
I may have spent a lot of time describing these as sticks pre game

Some pics of my Aleph that were used.....More to come.

 I also have the list that my opponent used, but I have chosen not to post it in case it gives the opposition an advantage later in the game.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Kirai - First Game

Played my first game with the Kirai crew, including Avatar Beta rules, versus a S'omer Teeth gremlin crew.  Predictably, got smashed, learning, once again, that I need to do a better job of playing to the scenario rather than just for bloodshed and glory.

Some pictures of my complete Kirai themed collection.
Thoughts and ideas welcome

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Random Stuff

Just some pictures of some random stuff I have been painting recently.

Starting with Seamus.  Who is part of my "Lisa, pick a crew for me to paint.  Oh, you want Zombie Hookers" project.  Inspiration taken from leprechauns, but hopefully, it looks Ok.  Or at least, as OK as an insane, sociopathic Zombie razing Milliner with a Jack the Ripper twist can look.

Seamus, (I just noticed I need to paint his pocket watch.  Oh Well!)
I've also been working on some Albino sorcerors for my Trollbloods.  I think that I have achieved the look I wanted for their skin.  Also, reduced down the Tartan I used on the Dire Troll for Marduk.  Its based on the one in the trollbloods book, and I think it works OK.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Projects Currently Underway

Just a quick, for me, list of all of the part finished projects that I have going on at the moment, mainly as an inspiration to finish some of the bloody things.

1. Dreamer Crew - Malifaux
        Bases to be painted
        Avatar to Finish

2. Troll Bloods Force
        Troll Bouncer - To Finish Painting
        Dire Troll Bomber - Undercoated Only
        Krielstone Bearer and Scribes - Undercoated Only
        Trollkin Sorceror - Not even Assembled
        Trollkin Fellblades - Not even assembled

3.  Seamus Crew- Malifaux
        Madame Sybill - Part Painted
        Copycat Killer
        Rotten Belle
        Rotten Belle
        Rotten Belle

4.  Cygnar
        Trencher Gun Crews - Undercoated
        Ironclad - Base coated
        Charger - Base coated
        Charger - Base coated
        Hunter - Base coated

5. Dropzone Commander Shiltari tribes
        2 MBT's
        3 AA tanks
        2 Flying Gates
        2 Land Gates - Part Painted

Sunday, 27 July 2014

New Working Space

Well, its finally all set up, and ready to run, and I have my new work space for painting etc.  Shelves for "stuff", shelves to display models, and a nice large desk surface to work on.

It was initially going to be a bought stand alone desk, but after working out exactly what I needed, and a good think, insead some rack mount shelving was added to the wall. This has allowed me to have a broad shelf for the desk top, and then modular shelves for everything.  It also allows for expansion should it become necessary, and for reconfiguration if needed.  In the end, not very much cheaper than the standalone desk would have been, but considerably more flexible and definitely "fit for purpose"

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dire Troll

Ok, updated this post with pictures of my Dire Troll Mauler.  My first Dire troll for my trollbloods.

In all his angry glory

Side on.....

The other side, notable for the Tartan

I used Zandri Dust, Steel Legion Drab, Castellan Green and Mephiston red for my tartan.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sword Knights

Just finished the sword knights.  Unfortunately, not been able to get their officer and standard bearer yet, so its just the bare (max size) unit with no attachments.  Still, pretty, and completed within 3 days of starting, which is a bit of a record for one of my Warmachine units.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Terrain board and Malifaux Game

Working on the Malifaux board over the last few days.  Buildings were kindly painted by the YL, and a rather good job done on them too.  Firstly, some photos of it in progress

Foot of Mork (or Gork) (or Lisa?)
This was the final layout test before sand and paint were added to the board itself.  Its still in progress, with some more detailing and painting to do, but it was used tonight for the first time, for a game of Victorias vs. Somer Teeth.  Long story short, I lost both Vistorias in single activations, before I got chance to heal them, gave away the points for Vendetta, and left it too late to try and actually win the game.  The lesson, read the scenarios better.  Only things left at the end were 3 Ronin (who had bacon for dinner having wiped out the Sow and 2 piglets between them) and Somer himself.  A 6th turn would probably have earned me the draw, but sadly, it was not to be.....  Still, a really good fun game against a really good fun opponent.

Photos time
Game setup, with the board sanded and the painting on the areas around the buildings finished.

The view from the other side.

The Ronin and Vanessa face down Lenny, in a view down one of the streets.

Trench Section

Having started building the Trenchers for my Cygnar army, I realised that I was missing 1 thing.  Trench templates.  So, I finally got round to starting work on them.  MDF bases, with air drying clay banks as a base.  Of note, I made 20" of these in 1 hit, and found that the clay, in drying, shrunk by about an inch.  Something I need to be wary of in future.  Having, made and finished the prototype, I still need to turn out at least another 3-4 of these, but that should be relatively quick work.  Painting the trenchers is still a little way down the list, (damn those shinier things) and so there are Long gunners in there for the time being instead.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Work In Progress - Malifaux Board.....

Well, I (and by I, I mean the YL, Lisa) have painted all the buildings for the Malifaux board now.  Laid them out last night to mark positions and such like prior to starting work on the board itself.  And I just couldn't resist taking some photos.....
Foot of Gork (Lisa)?