Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dream a little Dream of Me!

So, I have now painted almost all of the Nightmares to replace my Dreamer crew, and begun the process of rebasing them.  The only models that are left to assemble and paint are the Twins and Insidious Madness.  The Madness I shall do as part of the Woes, and the Twins will be part of the next project, the Nephilim.  So far, I have Puppets, and now Nightmares completed.  The plan going forward is to move on next to Nephilim, and then Swampfiends, followed by Woes, and then Darkened (Who are mostly already painted)

So, pictures of the finished models.

All of these have been painted in a quick and dirty manner in order to get them back on the table, and then photographed using a phone camera.  More to come once I have them varnished and rebased.