Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Not a single Pig, I promise

So, I have been working on a few bits recently.  First, I decided to test out this whole monochrome paint scheme thing.  I went with Molly, as I think that her and particularly the crooligans would look good like this.  I further decided that I was going to test out OSL on here with her flames.  I am still not convinced as to whether I should be adjusting the way this is done or not, but so far, its not too bad, and I am thinking about what I need to do next.

I have also learned a very valuable lesson.  For me, personally, I need to build only what I am immediately going to paint.  I have been looking at the Molly set that I built a while ago in a big building frenzy, and all I can say is......WOW, what a mess I made of them.  Seems like batch assembly and me do not go together AT ALL,

The next models that I did were some to "finish" my Gremlins.  Or at least finish enough gremlins that I don't feel bad about them, and that I think that I could play games with my Pig Force.  Whether they will work, I don't know but, Pigs for the win.

The Hog Whisperer

And finally 2 Slop Haulers.

I'm glad to be moving onto something NOT Gremlin for a bit now, and hoping to get some time in playing these soon, now that the local campaign is finished.

Speaking of which, I just got approved as a Henchman for Wyrd, so expect to hear more about events and the like on here soon.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Boar'ing now

So, i have finished painting Ulix and Penelope.  That brings me to the end of the initial phase of Operation Pig, and I think that it has come at exactly the right time, as I need to paint something a little bit different for a bit.  Without further ado, the pictures.....

All the Pigs

Obviously, there are more models to go with this eventually.  I have my Hog Whisperer assembled and ready to paint, and there are Slop Haulers, Explosive Pigs, Gremlin Taxidermists.  But for now, I am moving onto other models.  Well, except the Hog Whisperer.  Who is built.

Speaking of other models, I told my darling Wife that on my birthday, by one means or another, I would have some of the Marvel Miniature game models.  And so I did.  After a month of wanting them and controlling myself just in case, I got them, and then did the very sensible thing and did nothing with them until I had completed the pigs.  Well, tonight, I assembled my first one, and all I can say is....Wow.  Nice models, really kindly posed.  But also Wow.  Its been a long time since I saw a model as badly cast as these, with a huge seam running down the legs, arms that had not so much flash as huge lumps of metal stuck to them.  I've been doing this for 20 some years (I know, it doesn't show), and these are some of the worst casts I have seen.  Still, I think that the model will be amazing when it is finished, and I hope that the next ones I get will be better, and this is just a fluke.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Pigs as far as the eye can see

So, painting on project PIG has progressed apace.  I have now finished the Sow and The Warpig, as well as three of the Boars, bringing the total Pigcount(tm) to 11.  Some photos to follow, comments as ever welcome.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pigs, Henchmen, and others.

So, last night I finalised my application for Henchman status for Wyrd.  Has a simple rules question, some paperwork, and asks what I think is a very important question, about what makes a good demo game.  I've reproduced an (edited) version of what I put here, as I found that I was increasingly passionate about it the more I thought.

"A good demo is one where the player has fun, and has enough of a grasp of the system that they can see why THAT game is for them, The details of the rules, the minutiae are less important that that. By the end, they should have played a fun game, with attractive models, in which they understand the basic mechanics well enough that they can come to a second game to start learning the detail that hangs off the system. If a player comes away talking about how they got Lord Chompy Bits drunk with the Brewmaster, or how Lucius ordered his guardsmen to execute a Railworker, that is far more important than that they know the rules perfectly. Second games can teach detail, first games and demos need to provide an overview and passion."

I think that the main point that I was trying to get across is that the first game isn't a game for the rules, in full, with every nuance carefully enforced.  Its a time for images, for a game where the visuals, the heroic moments, and those things that define a system combine to make the game as fun and memorable as possible, so that the player wants to come back and learn more, to experience that.  I think that this is important, and its what I try to bring to demo games.

Because I am sure that most people only come here for the pictures, here are the pictures of two of the crews that I used to support the application.

  On top of that, my painting has progressed.  I have finished the next one of my planned Pig crew, Old Major.  the photos below were taken moments ago, when the base was still wet, but they hopefully give an idea.  Comments and criticism welcome.

Finally, something else that I am working on.  Its for Malifaux, anyone want to hazard a guess as to what its going to be?

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Lord of the Undead

So, I have finally finished the rest of the Undertakers box set for the manager of the local FLGS LVL Up in Bournemouth.  This consisted of Nicodem, Mortimer and the Vulture.  All of the models are unbased as it is not clear how he is going to base his resurrectionists as yet.

    In other news, it was my Birthday yesterday.  Included in the haul, there was a number of the Game of Thrones models, which was rather exciting if a little daunting to paint, and something I have been wanting for some time.
    Yes, I finally got some Winsor and Newton Series 7 Brushes.  These things are almost the stuff of legends from what I can understand, and I got the 0,00, and 000 ones.  They come in a little tube (very classy) and really are, from the very little use I have made of them so far, as good as their reputation.  So much so, that I have bought the 1 and 2 sizes as well.
    Before my Birthday, I had said that I would be getting the Marvel Universe Miniatures game on that day, be it by gift or purchase.  So I did, and I want to say a big thank you to Karl, (owner of LVL Up) as due to the combination of payment for the painting I did, and a birthday thank you, I got these.  Now just to paint up the Guardians of the Galaxy, and wait for Groot to appear in the shop.

Until next time, apologies for the photos and comments and criticism welcome.