Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pigs, Henchmen, and others.

So, last night I finalised my application for Henchman status for Wyrd.  Has a simple rules question, some paperwork, and asks what I think is a very important question, about what makes a good demo game.  I've reproduced an (edited) version of what I put here, as I found that I was increasingly passionate about it the more I thought.

"A good demo is one where the player has fun, and has enough of a grasp of the system that they can see why THAT game is for them, The details of the rules, the minutiae are less important that that. By the end, they should have played a fun game, with attractive models, in which they understand the basic mechanics well enough that they can come to a second game to start learning the detail that hangs off the system. If a player comes away talking about how they got Lord Chompy Bits drunk with the Brewmaster, or how Lucius ordered his guardsmen to execute a Railworker, that is far more important than that they know the rules perfectly. Second games can teach detail, first games and demos need to provide an overview and passion."

I think that the main point that I was trying to get across is that the first game isn't a game for the rules, in full, with every nuance carefully enforced.  Its a time for images, for a game where the visuals, the heroic moments, and those things that define a system combine to make the game as fun and memorable as possible, so that the player wants to come back and learn more, to experience that.  I think that this is important, and its what I try to bring to demo games.

Because I am sure that most people only come here for the pictures, here are the pictures of two of the crews that I used to support the application.

  On top of that, my painting has progressed.  I have finished the next one of my planned Pig crew, Old Major.  the photos below were taken moments ago, when the base was still wet, but they hopefully give an idea.  Comments and criticism welcome.

Finally, something else that I am working on.  Its for Malifaux, anyone want to hazard a guess as to what its going to be?

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