Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Not a single Pig, I promise

So, I have been working on a few bits recently.  First, I decided to test out this whole monochrome paint scheme thing.  I went with Molly, as I think that her and particularly the crooligans would look good like this.  I further decided that I was going to test out OSL on here with her flames.  I am still not convinced as to whether I should be adjusting the way this is done or not, but so far, its not too bad, and I am thinking about what I need to do next.

I have also learned a very valuable lesson.  For me, personally, I need to build only what I am immediately going to paint.  I have been looking at the Molly set that I built a while ago in a big building frenzy, and all I can say is......WOW, what a mess I made of them.  Seems like batch assembly and me do not go together AT ALL,

The next models that I did were some to "finish" my Gremlins.  Or at least finish enough gremlins that I don't feel bad about them, and that I think that I could play games with my Pig Force.  Whether they will work, I don't know but, Pigs for the win.

The Hog Whisperer

And finally 2 Slop Haulers.

I'm glad to be moving onto something NOT Gremlin for a bit now, and hoping to get some time in playing these soon, now that the local campaign is finished.

Speaking of which, I just got approved as a Henchman for Wyrd, so expect to hear more about events and the like on here soon.

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