Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Lord of the Undead

So, I have finally finished the rest of the Undertakers box set for the manager of the local FLGS LVL Up in Bournemouth.  This consisted of Nicodem, Mortimer and the Vulture.  All of the models are unbased as it is not clear how he is going to base his resurrectionists as yet.

    In other news, it was my Birthday yesterday.  Included in the haul, there was a number of the Game of Thrones models, which was rather exciting if a little daunting to paint, and something I have been wanting for some time.
    Yes, I finally got some Winsor and Newton Series 7 Brushes.  These things are almost the stuff of legends from what I can understand, and I got the 0,00, and 000 ones.  They come in a little tube (very classy) and really are, from the very little use I have made of them so far, as good as their reputation.  So much so, that I have bought the 1 and 2 sizes as well.
    Before my Birthday, I had said that I would be getting the Marvel Universe Miniatures game on that day, be it by gift or purchase.  So I did, and I want to say a big thank you to Karl, (owner of LVL Up) as due to the combination of payment for the painting I did, and a birthday thank you, I got these.  Now just to paint up the Guardians of the Galaxy, and wait for Groot to appear in the shop.

Until next time, apologies for the photos and comments and criticism welcome.

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  1. Fab as always. So pleased that the paint brushes are useful. So proud of your skills - as much as a wife can take credit.