Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Boar'ing now

So, i have finished painting Ulix and Penelope.  That brings me to the end of the initial phase of Operation Pig, and I think that it has come at exactly the right time, as I need to paint something a little bit different for a bit.  Without further ado, the pictures.....

All the Pigs

Obviously, there are more models to go with this eventually.  I have my Hog Whisperer assembled and ready to paint, and there are Slop Haulers, Explosive Pigs, Gremlin Taxidermists.  But for now, I am moving onto other models.  Well, except the Hog Whisperer.  Who is built.

Speaking of other models, I told my darling Wife that on my birthday, by one means or another, I would have some of the Marvel Miniature game models.  And so I did.  After a month of wanting them and controlling myself just in case, I got them, and then did the very sensible thing and did nothing with them until I had completed the pigs.  Well, tonight, I assembled my first one, and all I can say is....Wow.  Nice models, really kindly posed.  But also Wow.  Its been a long time since I saw a model as badly cast as these, with a huge seam running down the legs, arms that had not so much flash as huge lumps of metal stuck to them.  I've been doing this for 20 some years (I know, it doesn't show), and these are some of the worst casts I have seen.  Still, I think that the model will be amazing when it is finished, and I hope that the next ones I get will be better, and this is just a fluke.

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