Thursday, 7 August 2014

Random Stuff

Just some pictures of some random stuff I have been painting recently.

Starting with Seamus.  Who is part of my "Lisa, pick a crew for me to paint.  Oh, you want Zombie Hookers" project.  Inspiration taken from leprechauns, but hopefully, it looks Ok.  Or at least, as OK as an insane, sociopathic Zombie razing Milliner with a Jack the Ripper twist can look.

Seamus, (I just noticed I need to paint his pocket watch.  Oh Well!)
I've also been working on some Albino sorcerors for my Trollbloods.  I think that I have achieved the look I wanted for their skin.  Also, reduced down the Tartan I used on the Dire Troll for Marduk.  Its based on the one in the trollbloods book, and I think it works OK.

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