Monday, 3 February 2014

Warmachine Prorgess

Well, I have made some progress on my warmachine force.  My Stormblades with officer

And my Stormclad

The photos are unfortunately poor due to the use of my phone camera.  The Stormclad in particular was a disaster to paint, as I kept dropping it.  It has currently got some paint chips, simply because I decided that life was too short to fix them yet again.

In terms of colours

Blue - Macragge Blue/Asurman Blue/Macragge Blue/Caledor Sky
White - Screaming Skull/Screaming Skull+Ceramite White/Ceramite White
Red Metal - Hashut Copper/Ogryn Flesh
Steel - Leadbelcher higlighted up
Coils - Ice Blue/Asurman Blue
Red - Khorne Red/Devlan Mud

The Stormblades were awful models, with loads of mold lines and the like.  Since I had the crazy idea of trying to paint 25 points in a weekend, they weren't cleaned up properly, and I think it is really obvious up close.  They are, however, good enough at typical tabletop distances, and I didn't have the will to clean then again and then re-undercoat.

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