Tuesday, 28 January 2014

1st Game with Nemo List

Well, tonight I played my first game of Warmachine.  25 pt cygnar list versus mercenaries.  I took

Commander Adept Nemo
  Officer and Standard

It was a fun game, and it appears I really like the rules for this system.  I lost, but it was not the whitewash I thought it would be.  Some of the lessons I learned.

Thunderhead - Very good, very destructive, very focus intensive.  Not a match, unsupported, for 2 melee orientated Heavy jacks on its own.

Stormclad - Very destructive, and the extra point of focus worked well, given that it was paired with the Thunderhead, which is also focus intensive.  Would work well being marshalled by the Stormblades, given that the extra point of focus is free.

Stormblades - Not as fragile as I had been led to believe.  Very destructive on the charge, with the officer.  Would very much benefit from having the Stormblade Captain solo so that they can ignore each other when shooting and charging, as the short range makes getting all of them in range of a target quite difficult.

Nemo - Has 2 very good upkeep spells that I should have been using to boost attack and damage potential on the Jacks.

Thinking about what else I needed, I think that adding a journeyman warcaster would allow me to get the very useful +3 Arm, which would have kept the Thunderhead in the battle a bit longer.
Additional stormgunners would have helped, allowing me to target more than a single model in enemy units with automatic hitting shots.
Adding 2 lights in a larger game, along with a second unit of stormblades would make the list fit all 4 of Nemo's Tier requirements, although I am not sure how much the bonuses would help.  Potentially at 50 points, I would add 2 fireflys, the stormblade captain, and a second unit of stormblades (with free officer and standard due to tier) and some more stormguners split between them.  My concern with this is that it may be a very small list, short of models, and unable to deal with stealth, and a little lacking in ranged shooting.

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