Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Malifaux Game

Played Matt at Malifaux this evening.  Pandora vs Ortega's.

Strategy was stake a claim, with me taking assasinate and bodyguard (Candy) and Matt taking assasinate and entourage.

My List

Baby Kade
3 Sorrows

Board and Positions after deployment
Lessons learned.

1. Teddy dies to Taelor.  Hard
2. Sorrows need to surround Pandora.  Misery stacks, and is a truly unpleasant experience.
3. Candy using Sweets and Sours means Candy is in the thick of things.  This reduces her survivabilty.
4. Pandora, using a combination of her 0 cost ability, and her ability to make stuff beat itself up, along with Misery, can deal out an awful lot of damage.  Potentially, combining this with Sorrows near her could be even more deadly.
5. A combination of an Ortega using spotter and Pandora causing damage on interact actions makes taking objective markers and scheme markers bloody hard.
6. Companion is annoying.
7. So is a run of high cards for you, matched with low cards for your opponent (Sorry Matt).
8.  Nicely painted scenary can make a game much more atmospheric (Thanks Lisa for the painting duties, it looked fantastic) - Picture will follow.

All in all a good, hard, fun game, which I lost 7-2 having been tabled in turn 4.

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