Thursday, 5 June 2014


Another game of Malifaux, this time using the following crew

Victoria of Ashes
Victoria of Blood
Student of Conflict
3x Ronin

Richard was using Lucius, and had, I think

Black blood Shaman
3x Terror Tot
2x Guild Rifleman
Guild Austringer

Early game, I got hit hard, with Nekima wiping out Johan before he had done anything worthwhile.
Nekima was killed by a combination of henchman Victoria and a Ronin in turn.
Master Victoria got fast, and then thrown at Lucius, where she sat, and did horrendous things to him, a Rifleman, and the Blackblood, eventually dying to a curse from the shaman.
After that, it turned round, with his models falling rapidly, and mine too. Bit of a blood bath, but at the end of turn 5, it was 8/8, with him down to a Austringer and Rifleman with a total of 3 wounds left between them.  We flipped for another turn, which would have given me the win we were both sure, but it was not to be......

Lessons learned.

Victoria is a monster when tooled up with Fast
Ronin are awesome.
Vanessa on the centreline is deadly
Nekima is very very hard
Lucius probably had more tricks he could pull if he hadn't been trapped in melee with a Victoria bomb so early.

A good fun game, and a draw, which is probably a fair result.

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