Sunday, 1 June 2014

Project List

OK,I have decided to produce a list of all of the projects, or potential projects I have on the go so I can keep track of what I am doing.
Storm Strider - Built
Storm infantry and jacks - Undercoated
Stormsmiths and support - Undercoated
Trenches and jacks - Undercoated
Victories - Part Painted
Dreamer crew - Undercoated
Lilith crew - In Box
Yan Lo crew - In Box
Mei Feng crew - In Box
Molly crew - In Box
Ressurectionist crew expansions - Various States
University of transmortis - In Box
Trench templates - Stuff Bought
Warmachine basing - Yeah, Right
Malifaux basing - Yeah, Right
Malifaux buildings - Mostly done, mostly done by the YL
Malifaux board - Planning stage, and 3d model in progress
Infinity models - Boxed, nowhere near to being started.

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