Monday, 12 December 2016

Entire Company of Imperial Fists. Epic or What?

So, I never thought that I would say this, but I am getting bored with painting Malifaux models.  A block seems to have set in, and I can't bring myself to start working on the last 4 Ten Thunders models to complete the first wave.  I have flipped around between painting my Trolls, my Cygnar, even some Infinity, but then I realised that what I really needed was a new project that was significantly different from my current ones, and that I could finish and complete.  And so, I dug out my Epic Marines.  These have been sat in my to do pile for several years, and I realised that they met my requirements.  And so I took them from this.

To this.

I finished 2 Landraiders, 4 Rhinos, a Whirlwind, 3 Hunters, and added 5 Landspeeders.

I'm going to call this a success, a project that was easy to complete, and has hopefully helped to break some of the painting block.

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