Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Lead From the Front

So, my experimenting with Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 models continues.  I have been doing some research, and have decided to try and recreate an Armoured Infantry Battalion.  For this, I am going to need 3 Infantry Squads, Leaders, 2 MMG's, a Mortar and transports for all the squads.  I intend to swap out one of the Squads for a Heavy Infantry Squad, which may mean that I decide to drop either the Mortar or one of the MMG's.

In the meantime I am testing to see if I like painting American GI uniforms.  Having test painted some Heavy Infantry, I have moved on to paint my Officer and Assistants.
Initially, my wash made the khaki too dark on tunics, so they needed reworking.  It also took e a little while to work out that the stretcher bearer was a stretcher bearer, and not, in fact, carrying a flag on a modern battlefield.  I think it was the red cross that eventually gave it away!

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