Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Not that Brutal

So, I have spent all of my Malifaux play time this year playing The Dreamer in order to try and get a handle on his playstyle.  I've played (and lost) lots of games, but, on the Monday before the tournament, I aimed to take him to, I finally managed to hit a winning streak, and have now won 3 consecutive games with him.  I have learned some lessons, including that I get on much better with Support Dreamer than I do summoning Dreamer, and that Teddy dying turn 1/2 is a big hit to my game.

My hope had been to try and get a second Master prepped and played before the tournament, and I had aimed for this to be Collodi.  Time has run out for me, but I have at least managed to paint a chunk of the models that I will need when I do finally get around to starting to play him.  Without further ado, I present, (all but the brutal, cause I haven't been able to get him yet) the Effigies.



Hodge Podge




I usually say comments and criticisms welcome.  I do that when I post things on Facebook as well.  However, I am now going to add one Caveat.  The base rings are not up for discussion.  I accept that some people have views on this and that some of them are very much better painters than me.  I even take their advice and criticism on board.  But my intention has always been to use this criticism to improve my painting style, rather than slavishly try (and fail) to copy someone else's.  To that end, if you comment and I don't change things, please don't think that I am ignoring, putting down, or disregarding your ideas.  I have just decided that for my models, this time, it's not for me.  You will probably find it used in a later model anyway.

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