Tuesday, 25 March 2014

More Warmachine

Played Matt and a friend (who's name I completely forget, which is awful of me) at Warmachine again last night.  50 points this time.  My list was

Commander Adept Nemo
6 Long Gunners with Standard and Officer
6 Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
6 Stormblades with command, 3 stormgunners
Stormblade Captain Solo
Journeyman Warcaster

I would like to say it was close, but his Cryx list took me to pieces in short order.  By the end of the game, in turn 3, the stormblades had broken, there were only 4 gun mages left, the long gunners were dead, as were the journeyman, the stormblade captain, and Nemo.  The Stormclad had been taken over by the Cryx side, and the Thunderhead was too out of position to affect the game.

Lessons learned

1.  Thunderhead is amazingly good at dealing with Infantry.  Its pulse doesn't need line of sight, and I found out, can be used to autohit with sustained attack.
2.  Spread them out, and buff them.  This seems to be the rule for the stormblades.  I keep losing this unit, and it is usually in cases where I could either have buffed them, or they would have been less vulnerable to spray attacks if I had spread them out.  This is something that I REALLY need to learn to do with units in this game.
3.  Nemo's Feat is really very good, once the enemy gets close enough.  It nearly destoryed a light Cryx jack on its own, and hit the others really hard.
4.  Combined Ranged Attack is rather good with the long gunners.
5.  Auto hit attacks are useful.  Thunderheads pulse, and the stormsmiths are good.  But the stormsmiths can't be relied on, due to the need to roll a skill check.  That said, potentially 9 auto hits if you can set it up right is rather good, and worth keeping for the price.
6.  Cryx Jacks hit like a ton of bricks, but are reasonably soft if you can hit them.
7.  I probably could fit another Jack in, if I used the Stormclad with the Journeyman, and then got its free focus from the Stormblades.  That would engage the Journeyman more, and allow Nemo to use his focus on a 3rd Jack.
8.  I need to make better use of Nemo's spells.  Which means I need to read them, and be better at remembering what they do.

I think in part, the list was weakened by being made up of what I had with me, rather than my wishlist.  If I had made the list again, I would have had a firefly, another unit of stormblades and probably another light Jack, making this a Tier 4 Nemo list.

Anyone with any thoughts, they would, as usual, be welcome.

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