Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fear of the Trolls

Right, its time to talk about fear.  And Trolls.  And fear of Trolls (or something)

I have a largish collection of Trollbloods that I have picked up from ebay about 18 months ago whenever they came up at reasonable prices.  So far, I have painted exactly 3 of them, a Dire Troll Mauler, Madruk and Janessa.  They weren't based.  I had no idea how I wanted to base them.  So they sat, unbased, surrounded by their boxed colleagues.

This weekend, I decided that I had to do something about the trolls.  I had been painting Warmachine stuff, and that had led me to want to move on.  So, I built my Trolls.  More specifically, I built a unit of Kriel Warriors, a unit of Krielstone bearers, a sorceror, a bomber, and started on a Blitzer and a bouncer.  It was here that the fear first hit me.

I HATE privateer press plastic units.  I remember with horror trying to clean up and assemble the 2 units of Stormblades and the unit of stormguard.  No instructions.  Pieces that fit badly.  Mold lines over important points.  The trenchers with bent guns.  This all combined to make me put off assembling my Fennblade unit.  Even though this is the oldest set I have for the Trollbloods, even though they would fit beautifully with my idea for a force of infantry with Tough.  No, the fear of just how bad they are going to be means that they are still in their box, not even examined.

To get over this, I moved on to the Krielstone Bearer.  And this is where we get to the fear MK II.  I have painted the skin, and I have painted the stone itself.  And now I find myself at the point where I KNOW that these look good, and are at the limits of my skill.  And I find myself reluctant to move on.   I worry that I am going to take this model that I have worked hard on and think looks good, and spoil it by messing up the rest.

So, before I wreck a model, I will show some WIP pictures of the Krielstone Bearer.

Thoughts, comments, criticisms all welcomed.

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