Thursday, 19 February 2015

Playing Aleph

Well, I played my first 300pt game of N3 today, against Tom.  300pt game, against his Militant Orders.  My list

Maruts - Leuitenant
Deva with Devabot
Deva with Devabot
Naga Sniper
2 Yudbots
Dakini with HMG
2 Dakinis with combi rifles
2 Netrods

The idea being that the Maruts could advance supported with the deva's on its flanks and the sophotects following providing healing.  The Dakinis and Naga provide two additional threat vectors which are too dangerous to ignore, but seperating forces to deal with them will reduce the forces available to deal with the Sophotects.

In the game itself, this nearly worked.  the forces were set up with the Maruts etc on the left flank facing down his link team, and the Deva and the Dakinis on the right, opposite his TAG.  He had first turn, and moved the link team up to an advanced position.  His TAG's support bot Heavy Flamered the Naga, and was cut down by the Maruts in return fire.  In my first turn, the devabots flamed the link team (Tom, SPREAD OUT YOUR LINK TEAM).  Then died.  Then did the same again with the other one.  The Maruts then managed to sneak out enough to spray 2 of them with Heavy Multi MG fire, cutting down their numbers further, and taking a Panzerfaust to the face for its troubles.  Further sneaking round and shooting, and then repair attempts by the Yudbots (1 passed, 1 failed) left the Maruts on 1 Structure.

The rest of the game followed a similar pattern, Trading models.  The Pan O TAG spent most of the game not wanting to advance into the Dakinis, the Maruts fell, taking out all but 1 wound of the link team, and eventually dying to the now bot less Deva's.

By the end of the game I had 101 points of models left, and him 107.  End result, a marginal victory to Tom, and well deserved.

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