Sunday, 1 March 2015

Kriel Stone Bearers Unit

Just finished painting my unit of Krielstone Bearers.  I had finished the Stone Bearer himself as a test piece, and have posted pictures before, but the rest of the unit is new.  Basing style went with the ongoing forested/woodland theme, that hopefully will be developed with some terrain pieces in the near future.  Thinking some patches of rough ground, linear obstacles made from fallen trees, and some Troll dwellings.

All told, these weren't too bad to paint, even though there were only 2 sculpts for the guards, they just about managed to avoid my frustration at painting lots of the same model.

I've managed to keep the tartan featured on all of the models again, although I am not sure how well it comes out on these smaller areas, but the colours and pattern are at least in general consistent across these and my other trolls.  I think that the next job will be to paint another Warbeast, possibly finishing the Bouncer, or starting on the Blitzer or Bomber.

As a side note, just want to say well done again to PP customer services.  I had a mismatch of arms and bodies in my Fennblades.  Seamlessly the replacement parts service has dispatched the correct arms.  Lets hope they turn up in a timely manner, but based on past experience, I have no doubts that they will.

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