Thursday, 12 March 2015

Can't see the Trolls for the Trees

Work this week has seen me finishing at 9.30pm, getting home around 10, and then with nothing else to do, hobbying until about midnight.  So, you might ask, (if you cared, which you probably don't, although if you don't, why are you here) what have I been doing.

Would anyone be surprised to know that the answer involves Trolls, and Trees?  More specifically, I have been working on my Troll Axer for my Trollbloods.  Got the skin done, got the metallic armour started.  Just some details (Face rocks, toe nail shading, the Bloody (literally, covered with blood) great axe, the copper bits of his armour, and of course, the tartan) to do.  Pleased again with how the skin is coming out, given that there are very few steps to it, it seems to give a quite nice effect, in person, even if it doesn't always come across in my (very poorly lit camera phone taken) photos.

The other thing I have been playing with has been trees and hedges.  Had the random idea to try making some of these, and so went to town.  Plasticard bases, pan scourers, clump foilage stuff.  Attach scourer to base, spray black and then drybrush brown, before covering with the clump foilage, and then basing to suit.

The trees are the typical twisted wire home made armature variety.  I am experimenting with them still.  The one that is shown here is made by covering the armature in liquid green stuff.  Too much of the "its made of twisted wire" comes across with that for me.  Other methods to be tried include "wrap it in kitchen towel soaked in PVA (A reasonable success) and the still to be attempted "smear it with green stuff to hide the wire".
The greenery is made with the same clump stuff as the hedges are covered in with one trick that I haven't seen anywhere else.  When I have attempted this before, the foilage always either fell off if I made big clumps, or looked quite bare.  To counter this second, I, before I added the foilage, gave the end of the branches some bulk using finely chopped up scourer stuck to the wire.  This was allowed to dry, and then had the (more expensive, harder to work with) clump stuck to it.  I'm still not 100% happy with the result, but its forward progress on previous attempts.

As always, comments, criticism, advise are more than welcome in the comments section.

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