Sunday, 15 November 2015

(Not) Batman

So my painting has been a little bit slowed down by work being busy, early nights, and starting to play through the Mass Effect series of games again.  I've mostly been working on Killer Frost and Green Arrow.

Killer Frost continues my theme of Batman models that appeal to me from an aesthetic point of view.  I don't play the game, and therefore my choices are purely based on what I feel like painting.  

    I started the process by cleaning up the model, assembling it  and undercoating it with Army Painter White Spray.  I don't know whether it is that I have gotten too used to plastics, or the high quality of Wyrd Models, but I am finding that the casting quality on these, in particular misaligned molds and flash to be quite bad.  Once it was cleaned up enough to pass, I then Washed the whole thing with Gulliman Blue, since I have found that these models benefit from a guide coat of paint to help pick out the details from the white undercoat.  The skin was then base coated with Genestealer Purple, in several thin coats, before being washed with Druchi Violet.
The skin was then worked up adding more and more White scar to the mix and blending it in, until I was happy with the result, which looks smoother in person than it does in the photo.  The final step with her so far has been to use Teclis Blue to paint the fabric, which has again been highlighted up, not shown.
The other model that has occupied my time is a first for me.  I have agreed to paint Green Arrow for the manager of my FLGS.  Its the first time I have done this, where I have had no input in which model I am going to paint. So far, it is progressing reasonably well, with the skin and the undersuit done, and the base colour down on the armour.  I've experimented with trying to shade the dark green with red, and it seems to have given the result I am hoping for, and will hopefully give some contrast to the brighter green parts.  Anyway, some photos of the progress to date.

 As always, any thoughts are more than welcome

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