Monday, 14 December 2015

Harlequin Test Piece

So, I have finally completed the test piece for my Harlequin colour scheme.  I am fairly happy with the colours, and I think that the green, purple and yellow work together.  I have always painted my Eldar as if they have bone weapons and equipment, and that is not going to change.  I like the idea of weapons grown from wraithbone, and I like the effect.

The bone itself may need another highlight, but given that the initial goal is to get these table ready within a time limit, this will do for now.  I am considering making a set of terrain to go with these, red desert bases with lots of towering wraithbone arches and the like.
Any comments and criticisms are very very welcome.  The plan is that the Troupe Masters will have increased amounts of detailing and patterning on their outfits to mark them out.


  1. Really like the colour combination and the bone weapons are cool! Have you considered maybe a red mask instead of bone, just to lift it more?

  2. Thanks. I think I might try the red on the mask, especially since I have realised that I haven't painted the jewel in the belt either, and that could be red as well (I'm not a fan of single small areas of a colour unless I can repeat it elsewhere, dunno why)