Monday, 28 December 2015

Harlequins Progress so far

So, I decided as part of a sort of "tale of (insert whatever) gamers" project here to start Harlequins as an army for 40k.  I've spoken about how they were my first army, I've waxed lyrical about the nostalgia part of painting them, and I've even shown a test model.  Well, as we come to the end of the first month, I thought that I would show the outcome of the first months work (well, nearly, I have 3 days left)

Troupe Master
This is the Troupe Master for the first unit.  Neuro Disrupter and harlequin caress.

As you can see, the rest of the Troupe stuck pretty much to the test pieces colour scheme, with the green and purple halves with yellow and gold accents and black gloves and shoes.  I've stuck with the bone masks despite some ideas regarding making them a more standout colour, as I think a little the contrast with the red in gems etc works ok.  The Shadow Seer, in contrast, will have a completely black mask, at least for the first one I am painting.

 The work so far on the Skyweavers.  These are almost finished, except for some work on the gemstones, and, of course, the riders, who are in progress as we speak.

So that means that I have to finish the crews for the bikes, and the Shadow Seer to make my 1st months commitment.  When I achieve that, I will then move onto month 2, where I will have to decide if I want a gunship or a transport as my first vehicle, and then add some more Skyweavers.  I also need to do some final work on the Batpod for BMG that I said I would do for the manager of the FLGS.

As ever, I would be most interested to hear thoughts, opinions, ideas etc.


  1. The poses of some of them are a bit weird.
    Especially the right arm on the 3th figure seems unnatural.
    Is the troupe master missing fingers?
    It looks like he had only is thumb and middle fingers left on his right hand.He would have looked a lot beter if his right leg was straight instead of bended like that imho.
    While this all may sound harsh, I think they will look great on the table as an army. The colours you used are very eye-catching. A Bold but effective scheme, well executed.

    1. I think that the right arm on the 3rd figure looks more weird in the photo than it does IRL. I think there has definitely been some foreshortening of The troupemasters fingers as well.
      It doesn't sound harsh, I asked for the feedback, and it is appreciated. Thanks for the comments on the colourscheme as well.