Friday, 1 January 2016

First Month Completed

So, I have completed month one of my "A Tale of Next Level Gamers".  Not sure if anyone else is actually doing this, but, it has motivated me to get a fixed amount of models completed each month.  The fiance has helped, encouraging me to get the last of the models painted by the end of the month.

So without further ado, the models.

My Shadow Seer, painted in the same scheme as the squad that he is going to join.  Of note, unlike the other Harlequins, his mask is blank, and painted black currently.

I have also painted the first 2 Skyweavers, again in the same paint scheme as the first Troupe.  The shuriken cannon are removable, although I haven't as yet painted the Haywire Cannon to replace them.

Finally, there is a shot of the whole of the force so far.

So, by my reckoning I should get 1pt for participation, 2pts for Priming and Prep, 3pts for Painting, 2pts for posting, and 2 pts for pictures, which makes 10 of a possible 15 points, and losing points on playing games and player choice (which can only happen if there are more than just me scoring points for it.)

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

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