Saturday, 2 January 2016

I am......Batman

Or rather, I am not Batman, but I am PAINTING batman, for the FLGS manager.  One of the most annoying models to assemble I have ever had the misfortune of working with, I finally got it together, and undercoated, and there it sat, on the desk, guilting me, for ages.  Until eventually I gave in, and gave the whole thing a drybrush of a very dark grey, just to see what there was more clearly.

Detail revealing grey coat applied, I then went on to find all the images of the Batpod that I could.  The most useful I found was this one, which I have shamelessly stolen from This Website.  It showed me that yes, most of the structure of this is actually metallic, either dirty or shiny variety.

So this is the progress so far.

I'm pretty happy with the bike part, although it may get a little touch up here or there.  Batman himself has simply been re-undercoated in matt black.  This has shown up a few mold lines and casting bits that need cleaning up before I go too much further, but I should be able to do that and then reapply some undercoat.  All in all, I think that there has been reasonable progress now I have finally found the courage to start (and by found the courage I mean that Lisa, the fiance, has heard the store manager tell me he wants it done by a tournament Sunday, and will now encourage me to knuckle down).

In other news, Marcus, FLGS Manager, tells me that he took his Batman team to a tournament, where he was told that if all his models were painted to the standard of his Green Arrow (Which can be found here) then he would have won best painted.  Nice to know that the model was a success.....

Any suggestions on making the Batman on his Pod easier to paint would be gratefully appreciated.

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