Sunday, 24 January 2016


So, I finally got round to painting Catwoman.  I should say from the start that this model was a pain in the proverbial, with her left arm falling off more than once, and trying to pose the hand holding the glasses as a bit of a failure.

I've taken these pictures with my tablet rather than the usual phone.  Its 2 generations older (a Xperia Z tablet rather than the Z3 phone), but I think that I quite like the results, and may try it again, as I can get more stability from the pictures.

When painting the black on Catwoman, there was what appeared to be two different types of material.  The undersuit, which had a definite texture, was initially painted with Army Painter black grey, and then washed with Nuln Oil.  Meanwhile, the raised pads on thighs, shoulders, gloves etc were basecoated with Army Painter Black.  The whole lot was then given a VERY light drybrush with GW dry White, before a second wash, and then the smooth areas had the highlights neatened up with black.  Not a perfect outcome, but one which looks reasonably good to me, and better in the person than in the Photos.

Finally, I decided to take a photo of all three of the "Gotham Sirens", even though I have the wrong version of both Ivy and Harley for them.  The Ivy in the background predates the other two by some time, and it is very obvious that she needs a few chips clearing up in her hair that have occured over time.  Nevertheless, really quite pleased with these.

Any comments, advice, criticism etc gratefully received.

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