Monday, 22 February 2016

Harlequin Squad 2

So, month 2 of the ATONLG is complete.  This month I went with a second squad of Harlequins to go with the first squad.  The initial squad was assembled, this time with 3 Harlequins Caress' and a Neurodisruptor and Kiss on the Troupe Leader.

Assembled and Undercoated

They were painted in the same colours as the first squad, with the idea being that they could either form a second squad of the Harlequins in transports, or they could join with the original squad in a larger foot based squad.

So in terms of points, for this month I will score myself.

Participation, Preparation, Painting, 1 Post, and Pictures for 9 points.

On the table for the rest of the month will be the start of my Harley Quinn Crew for BMG, along with a Deathstroke commision, and possibly some more work on my Warmachine or Hordes forces.  Any thoughts on whether anyone has anything they would want to see me work on, please feel free to comment.

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