Sunday, 28 February 2016


    This weekend, having finished the Harlequins for my main project, I found myself at a loose end.  I knew that I wasn't going to have hours to spend on painting as I'm recently married, had had a tough week at work and therefore would like some time to unwind with the new wife.  However, I did want to get something done, and so there was some rooting through the "stuff waiting to be finished" shelf that sits guilting me above the work desk.
    I cam across Hans, the original metal sculpt for Malifaux.  While I considered starting work on my next commision (Deathstroke) he needed assembly and the weather was not great for undercoating.  My BMG Harley crew are undercoated, but I felt like I needed to dedicate a whole block of time to getting them started, which I didn't have.  So, without further ado, I give you (rather poor photos of, taken on my phone) Hans.

Next month for the ATONLG I will need to paint something extra for the Harlequins.  This will either be the second 2 Skyweavers that I have already, or I may need to get a third Troupe.   After I have both of those completed I will be able to fill my FOC and consider starting to play (probably very short, and one sided) games.

As well as that, I aim to reduce the size of the pile of half finished stuff on the the shelf.  So far, that consists of 
2 Troll Impalers

2 Thunder Archers
Lone Swordsman
Undertaker (Forgotten his name)
Mature Nephilim
(Just needing Basing)

Striking Scorpion Squad and Exarch

Harley Quinn
Joker's Daughter
5 Harley Henchmen
Gatling Brute for Harley

I know a few people read this, and so if anyone has any thoughts on which of these they would like to see worked on next, please feel free to comment.

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