Saturday, 8 October 2016

Can I call a Lady Desperate?

So I have finished the desperate mercenary, the next model in the Outcast Wave 1.  A simple colour scheme, and very clearly the original metal sculpt rather than the new Iconic one off the front of the Main Rulebook.

It has also been the start of Malifaux Month at LVL Up, my FLGS.  So far, we have had a number of demo's for new players, along with a 6 man enforcer brawl.  Which I apparently did quite well in, despite leaving after the first turn to give a demo to two new players.
We also have our Henchman hardcore tournament coming up on Monday, and then a full on Gaining Grounds tournament on the 22nd.
We also have a colouring competition to go along with Wyrd's, an achievement league, and a number of other silly events planned.  Should be fun.

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