Sunday, 30 October 2016

Smooth Criminals.....

 Just a quick update.  With the completion of these, I have now painted all of the Wave I outcasts.  there are a few bases that need to be coloured in accordance with their faction, and the bases on these need a little wash, but apart from that, I have now finished all of the Wave I models for the first faction.  That means that I have the Outcasts completed in Wave I, the Neverborn just need the Waldgeists and Barbaros, and the Resurrectionists require the Necropunks and the Crooked Men.

These were quick and dirty paint jobs since they probably won't be spending too much time on the tabletop.  I may try and add stripes to the uniforms at some point, but otherwise, they are done.

Resurrectionists next to finish (since I have the models, and I need to buy the Waldgeists, and the Barbaros is only in a kit which I have in metal and don't really want to replace yet)

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