Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I got a set of the new plastic Victoria crew for Malifaux off of E-bay for a very good price.  Downside, they had been already assembled and painted.  Since part of the appeal for me was in the painting, they were to be an experiment in stripping and repainting someone elses painted models.

First lesson.  Stripping paint.

Fairy power spray.  It really does work.  As long as you pour it in a pot, and then leave the models to soak, before attacking them with a toothbrush.  It seemed to leave the models a darker grey than I think the bare plastic, but almost all of the paint came off with a little gentle scrubbing.

Second lesson.  Check models

Having scrubbed them, and re-undercoated them, I spotted a few small problems.  Like a broken ankle, hair on the wrong way round, the usual.  Easily fixed, but I should have checked first.

So I have made a start.  As far as I can tell, thematically, the crew should consist of the Victorias, Ronin, Student of Conflict and Vanessa (The other sister).  All of which I have.  I can't find any other sisters in my giant list of all the model types in Malifaux.  That I made by hand.  And which anyone who wants/needs/has an interest in can have.

So, some pictures of the first two models painted.  The Victorias.  I am especially pleased with the white effect on the standing Victoria's coat.

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