Friday, 23 May 2014

X-Wing Team Epic Tournament Format Game

Played a first game using the Epic Format Tournament Doubles rules.  I took a list that consisted of Kyle, 2 B wings and 2 A Wings, paired with Ten Numb, Luke, Chewie, and a Rookie X-Wing.  We faced 4 Ties (3 Academies and Howlrunner), Mauler, 3 Interceptors of various flavours, and 3(!) Firestorms.

I took lots of pictures, some better than others.

Lessons learned

1. A-Wings with deadeye and Assualt missiles spoil Tie-Swarms day.  When they hit.  A third A-Wing with missile would potentially wipe out swathes of a swarm.

2a. Advanced Proton Torpedoes are range 1.  This would have been something to read before I added them.
2b. They also rock when they are combined with a focus token from Kyle Katarn, and then you end up with 5 hits on Boba Fett.  Large ships should fear these.

3. HWK with Kyle and Reconaisance Expert and a turret.  Making things die AND making stuff around it more deadly.

Perhaps the best game of X-wing I have had yet, and I haven't had a bad one.  Although the 3 hours tournament time limit feels....hopeful.

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